Dolly's Fast Food was created and owned by the Idriss Group. It was launched in 1973 mainly as a juices, ketchup (both produced in Lebanon) and canned fruits brand. Over the years, both Juices and Canned fruits lines were dropped.

Today, Dolly's Fast Food is mainly a condiments and sauces brand but also includes a canned vegetable line that enjoys a good reputation and sales ;it satisfy the taste of mass Market.

Dolly's Fast Food image is a fun and young brand. Most of the products are made to be enjoyed in a friendly, informal and relaxed atmosphere around good comfort food.

Delicious moments with Dolly’s In general


DFF is perceived as a high quality brand in South and greater Beirut areas and negligible in other areas. 23% market share in ketchup and 11% in mayonnaise Prepared.

Dolly’s holds 7 major product categories:

  • Ketchup: jars 340g classic light and hot, squeezable 225gr, 450gr, 900gr, and gallons 2kg 4 kg-ketchup sachet, Ketchup upside down(570gr)
    local production
  • Mayonnaise: jars 8oz(classic and light), 16oz, 500gr, 1 liter, 5 liter – Netherland source and gallons 3.79 liter Mayonnaise upside down(570gr)
    Flavors: Garlic, Lemon, Chop, Chilli.
  • Mustard: sizes 250gr and 4kg USA
  • Western Sauces: (Spaghetti, Pizza, Steak, BBQ)
    Local production
  • Asian /Italian / Western sauces: Chinese source extending product range
  • Canned vegetables: (Mushroom slices and whole 280g 3kg /Corn 340g)
  • Tomato Paste 320gr, 660gr
  • Frozen French fries: 900gr and 2.5 kg
    Local production




In the last twenty years, the Widriss Group has diversified its operations in Lebanon and abroad. In the early nineties, One holding company was established in order to control local and international operation which is WIDRISS HOLDING SAL


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